WOW! I won templates!!

OK, so I know I am super fired up about the DWR Challenge by the NYC Metro Mod Guild and guess what?  I WON a set of the templates, a few fat quarters and some triangles from the Red Headed Mermaid‘s blog! 

So, now I am EVEN MORE fired up. :)  Can’t wait to get my hands on all of it!!


Another Challenge!?!

So I think I may be coming addicted to the quilt-a-long format.  Here is my latest obsession… NYC MOD Quilt Guild DWR challenge.  Now, I have done DWR before but after spending over a week in Kalispell with Judy Niemeyer I am STOKED to start at least one more (but more like 3 at this point!!)  Plus, I just LOVE her new designs.  So… STAY TUNED!

This is picture of one of my first DWRs made circa 1998 or so (it was a Judy Niemeyer pattern)… I think I can do better now–especially with new patterns from Quiltworx!… must get funky!