Golden Wedding Ring


Here is my Golden Wedding Ring runner. Top is complete! Now to talk my sweet friend, Martha, into quilting it for me. Cross your fingers–it’s a busy time of the year. :)

Golden Wedding Ring


Catching up!

Well, it has been a busy month just trying to catch up.  I had some cute pencil holders and table runners at a bazaar this weekend.  I did ok (I think I broke semi-even). :)  Ah, well… there is always NEXT month’s bazaar!

I finally got to work on/finish up a few projects–the Kingfisher raffle quilt is nearly complete (just a little more binding to stitch down), the Golden Wedding Ring runner top is almost complete (pictures to come), a tad more of my Catch Me… if You Can is done, Max and I worked on his cousin’s graduation quilt blocks, and I am nearly ready to cut out my French Braid quilt.  So little time!!

Stay tuned!