Done! and next on my list…

DONE!  I’ve decided to donate it to the local Hospice for their fall raffle.  I LOVED making it.  It was MUCH easier than I thought it would be.  What a great pattern!

ImageNow I am moving on to finishing the name blocks for the Care Center/Elder House donation quilts, which is good because the open house is this week!  The alphabet letters come from Diane Bohn’s MyABCs pattern, which I “won” last year and I still need to finish the project (see New Project page).  IMG_7409The Kodiak Bear Paw Quilter’s Guild members volunteered to make each resident a quilt in the color they picked.  I had made a new quilt for my mom and knew that every resident would love a new blanket.  To eliminate issues with whose quilt is whose I thought labeling would be great.  Here is my mom with her top:

IMG_5176OK.  I have to get back to sewing!