Red and White Make It Challenge!

So this is going to be a new little fun Challenge for me…  It’s being put on by SewCalGal.  I’ve got about three or four quilt ideas running around in my head!  Thank goodness the timeline is March 24th through September 30th.  Now to start shopping for red and white fabric!

ImageI’m thinking about something like this:  IMG_7998I also have a pattern in mind that just came out (and is winging it’s way to me RIGHT NOW!)…


Osprey’s Nest

Now I am working on the Osprey’s nest! Here is a little work I did over Springbreak 2014…ImageI’m done with the purple but my photography just hasn’t caught up…  ImageI’ve moved on to the geese!  I hope to get those geese done by the weekend and move on to setting them in!!

Asilomar/Empty Spools


Asilomar/Empty Spools.  My friend Jeanette told me all about it when I was at a Quiltworx retreat this past summer and talked me into it.  WHAT A GREAT TIME!IMG_7494

The beach at Asilomar… IMG_7508

The sand was like sugar!IMG_7509

I jumped right in and started sewing on Thistle Pods. Let me say right off, this is my favorite Judy Niemeyer pattern of all time (and I love her patterns!).  I picked my absolute favorite background–that blue!  I could get lost in it… and when Martha got it in at Compass Rose I bought it ALL! I started piecing the borders… I  figured it would be the most involved and it was.IMG_7506Then the geese!IMG_7527Once done with the border I moved on… but first a peak of the border:IMG_7575 The center started with the glorious green “stars” which are beautiful compass roses…IMG_7611Then I threw in a little bit of sun.IMG_7623This is what I had displayed by the end of the week…IMG_7637It was fun making new friends, sewing into the wee hours, and learning new techniques from Judy Niemeyer!  The other women were INSPIRATIONAL!  Their work was amazing.  I didn’t want to display their work on my blog without their permission…

Here we are…IMG_7641

This cracked me up… IMG_7646

Once I got home I put up what I had (mostly… my wall isn’t big enough) and started to finish the few blocks I had left.

IMG_7669It took just a few hours to complete all the rest. 24 (partial blocks) stars from the border and 5 “suns.”IMG_7704Now to piece it all together! I am excited to say this one will end up on my bed.