A travel bag for my sewing machine!

Here are pictures of my new sewing machine bag!  This is so my sweet machine can go as a carry on!

Image   Image

So the great fabric is from Spoonflower.  Check out Art On Fabric’s great fabric!

The pattern is by Sew Sweetness.  The pattern is the Aeroplane Bag.


Red and white challenge and beyond…

Which is sort of like to infinity and beyond! but more fun as it involves quilting. 

I have been working on my Red and White Challenge:


I like this but think that I will go for a whiter white and a redder red.  This will end up as a bed quilt for a new resident of the Care Center (or the Elder House as it’s now called!).


I also have been working on my Osprey’s Nest… I was worried about it but as it’s coming together I have decided I LOVE IT!


Now, I just have to FINISH IT!!