Catch Me… If You Can

PrintIt’s that fun time of year again… time for Amy’s Creative Side Blogger Quilt Festival!  I have been sewing quite a bit lately but have only finished a few things.  Most notably (and a very fun quilt) is my Catch Me… If You Can.

IMG_9136This quilt was finished up this summer and donated to my local Hospice chapter for their annual raffle.  While the front is nice, I think it’s the back that makes it beautiful!  What do you think?

IMGP0113IMGP0111IMGP0112It was quilted by Peggy Nekeferoff.  She donated her extraordinary quilting talents to complete this great quilt.

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Another Red and White quilt…


I started Sew Cal Gal’s Red and White challenge with the idea of making my own design. Well, one thing led to another and I wasn’t satisfied with the one I made (I wanted red to be more uniform and white to be brighter!) so I finished up the quilt and donated it to a new resident at the Chiniak Bay Elder House.


She LOVED it–red is definitely her color!  I then turned around and made a second quilt for the Challenge.  You can find my Red and White Fire Island Hosta here!