Christmas rush and all that!

Well, it’s Christmas Eve… so, of course, I am busy cranking out a few little presents!  I had originally envisioned a quilt each for the two new boys living upstairs but all I could manage was a Superhero pillow for Max, Lars, and Erik. That’s what happens when I start out two weeks before Christmas!

I completed a 20″ Ironman pillow for Lars:

ironmanpillowI completed a 20″ Spiderman pillow for Max:
spidyI completed a 24″ Batman pillow for Erik (the smallest boy gets the biggest pillow!):

IMG_0391Together they look fun!

all done

One final little something.  I small gift for Martha–the owner of my local quilt shop where I teach and an all around wonderful friend!


I wish a peaceful, happy holiday for everyone!