So Many Projects…

I have been super busy lately! I just go from one project to another–multitasking my quilting projects.

One new obsession I have now is called Days for Girls.  It’s this fantastic organization that makes feminine hygiene kits for women in 3rd world situations where they have nothing.  A fellow quilter, Ardell Kerr who owns Quilting from the Heart, had advertized a day at her quilt shop to make these kits.  I read about this and immediately contacted her, emailed my guild, bought the correct fabric and snaps on Amazon and am lining up an All Day Sew in February.  I also have been working on making samples to show the other volunteers.


Another project I am working on is a few Bionic Gear Bags.  I made a few for my regular sewing girls and now I am working on making a few to sell.  I LOVE THESE BAGS!

IMG_0569 IMG_0568

My Glacier Star class is cruising along–this week we will begin bag 3/3rd technique.  I better get busy with the 2nd technique!  I like to make the quilt I am teaching with my class and this is a very fun quilt to make!  I had made another of these about 3 years ago but ended up giving it to Hospice of Kodiak for their raffle so I needed a new one to round out my collection of Judy Niemeyer sample quilts!

IMG_0575Additionally, I am working (slow and steadily) on the Circle of Life quilt as a retirement gift for a dear friend.  I wanted something BRIGHT and lovely.  The background is called “spinach” and it’s a Hoffman.  BEAUTIFUL green!

IMG_0571Katja’s Quilt Shoppe is hosting The New Hexagon Milleflori Quilt Along.  I was happy as a clam when I gave away my Milleflori quilt/pieces/templates/blocks at Christmas and all it took was one look at her quilt pattern and I started afresh! Will the madness ever end?!  (I hope not!)


This pattern caught my eye over the holidays and I wasn’t able to stop myself on it either!  This is Joseph’s Coat.  The pattern was used in Kona’s 30 Days of Kona celebration–and it’s free!  It’s also quite addictive.  I think I am making this for a dear friend who lives in Fairbanks!


OK, just to add a little mania to my ever so busy week–I’m teaching a few bag classes this coming month.  I appreciate the Pink Sand Beach patterns.  SO EASY!  I’d recommend starting with Fiji bag–it’s a simple intro.  I’m trying to get caught up on my samples as as soon as I make them they fly out the door! (so many “as” in one sentence!).


Well, that’s all I can think that I am working on now.  Stay warm, wish for snow in Alaska and sew on!


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