Circle of Life and Blog Festival

It’s spring and time for Amy’s Creative Side to have the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  I am pleased to again enter one of my quilts. :)


Cindy, a dear friend and co-worker, is retiring this year.  I started the year knowing it was coming… I wanted to make a special quilt for a special person.  I chose Circle of Life by Jacqueline deJonge.


I started in October…

By April I had finally got it together!


Putting on the boarders.


A test drive on my bed!


Up close pictures of Peggy’s quilting magic!

 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041

The unveiling by Cindy!

IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1128

Success!  Happy retirement!

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