A Bear Claw for Jack

Well after 20 short years it’s time!  About 25 (?) years ago I met this great guy who became a fast friend. Jack is the kind of person who knows everyone. A super kind man who would (really) give you the shirt off his back. He has always been a true and sure friend. When I came to Kodiak to work as a teacher, he was my special education boss. Well, I made him a quilt. One of my first actually. It was a pattern I made up. A bear paw quilt. It’s a green bear paw. Yes, about 224 blocks of the same green grass fabric made into bear paws… Pretty hard to see the pattern except the gold paws meandering through. Did I mention it was one of my first quilts?! Jack asked for a “heavy” quilt. I wasn’t able to do it. In the end, I even tied it.

Now it’s time to replace that quilt. In 20 years, I’ve figured out a little more about contrast. I’ve also found and amazing friend who also is my quilter. Last summer the pattern I needed to make showed up. It’s called the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw. It’s by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer.

On the wall at Compass Rose Quilting.

It started small (68×80) but has ended up closer to 100×80. I sure love it. I couldn’t stop making this great paper pieced quilt!  I immediately gave this quilt to Martha to quilt and this is what I saw today when I stopped by:

When I catch the ferry out on May 27th it will come with me. I’ll drop it in his cabin in Talketna on the way to Fairbanks before leaving the State for the summer. I can’t wait until he finds it!