Seaside Summer Blog Hop!

Hello and welcome to the Island Batik Seaside Summer Blog Hop!  The fabric I am presenting is called Surf Squirt and it is sweet!  This fabric is bright, weighty, and lovely–it “feels” good!  I also teamed up with a great designer, Cindi McCracken, to do this project.  Her Jewel Box pattern seemed to be a fun match for this project.


The first thing I would like to talk about is the Sea!! I grew up on an island in the Aleutians.  The name of the island is Popof Island and the town is named Sand Point.  It is 2 hours 15 minutes from Anchorage by plane or 40 or so hours by ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway (which only runs in the summer months).  It is a fishing community.  The people live by the sea.


My sister still lives there and as you can see, it’s beautiful!

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 My sister, Amy lives in a little tiny house right next to a beach.  Her house is beachy themed!  She loves the ocean, this island, and spending time hiking.  What better than to make a picnic quilt for her using this C-U-T-E collection?!
The first thing to do was make this project:

It was such a fun easy pattern that I started at noon cutting and the whole top was completed (without borders) by 8!


I have to say that between the great written directions and superior graphics this pattern by Cindi McCracken was SO EASY!  I got a little crazy on the borders and pieced them together from the brights.


I just want to say is that putting on the borders can be tricky.  One thing I work on when I place borders on is measuring through the middle, cutting my borders based on the measurement I get. Pinning the middle and each end.  I work both from the middle towards one side and also from the edge and pin to the middle–moving back and forth.  Pressing, measuring and pinning can make a huge difference on how nicely a border fits.

img_3569  img_3570 

Here I am with Cindi.  I used what was left of the fabric and pieced the back together.  I love a pieced back!

 My quilt is going to be completed by a new longarm quilter I had do a couple quilts earlier this summer.  Jessie Davis is the artist behind Rippers Anonymous.  She’s pretty talented!  Into the box and into the mail!

 Once this quilt top was completed I asked my sister for the best crab cake recipe she had.  Well, I have to say her best friend Hillary has the best spread I have ever had.   Here it is and please note this in NOT a fried crab cake.

Crab Cake by Hillary Smith

Take some fresh King Crab meat–about 2 cups and mix with 1/2 cup shredded cheese, 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and a couple of chopped up green onions (to taste).  Spread (or HEAP) on 4 multigrain English muffin halves and cook for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees or until cheese melts/turns slightly brown.  Eat up!


I will be giving away this little package. I tried to get Rafflecopter to work but kept getting a “Bad Gateway” message and I don’t have time to get back to this part so…  I teach middle school in Kodiak, Alaska.  I will give this package to the person whose comment number is the same number as the students I have in my homeroom class on the first day of school (in two weeks). Good luck!:


The pattern is Jewel Box by Cindi McCracken.  The strip set is Hollywood Hills (and would be PERFECT for this pattern!) The Glass ball from a Japanese net and was found by my sister on the beach.

80 thoughts on “Seaside Summer Blog Hop!

  1. I have to say the top and pieced back are so much brighter in person the fabrics really have beautiful color!
    Can’t wait to quilt them!!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I love the bright and cheerful colors! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your hometown and your quilt!

  3. I love your quilt…your sister is one lucky lady. Thanks for the great slide show too. Yes, your hometown is beautiful. Love the rainbow pic! Thanks for sharing a great giveaway!

  4. your quilt is beautiful, I am from Canada, and I grew up on Prince Edward Island. I would love to visit Alaska. I would guess your class size would be around 15 students.

    • Thought I better queue jump because I don’t think you’ll have more than 30 students in your class. Lovely colours and great pattern. Very cheerful because I am sure it must be cold there in winter.
      Cheers from Australia
      judybarr at iearn dot org dot au

  5. Gorgeous photos you shared of your home. Alaska is the best place on earth in my book. I’ve never been on the islands. It’s on my bucket list. Gorgeous quilt. Surf Squirt make it sing!
    Crab cakes sound wonderful. Good luck in the new school year!

  6. Ah, middle school! I taught middle school for 7 years and it almost did me in! Your quilt is a beauty. I wish you’d show us the pieced back…I loved pieced backs too and am always looking for new ideas. Have a wonderful school year!

  7. I’ve taught Kindergarten, 2nd and other grades, including college. Have a wonderful year. The quilt is gorgeous and the recipe sounds great. Thanks also for sharing the photos. That’s a gorgeous area.

  8. You say that the pattern is easy to make but it sure doesn’t look like it!!! I love it and all the colours make is fresh and bright… Hopefully just like your students!! Lol I think I am the 24th post , so I really hope you have that number in your class!!!

  9. I don’t know what happened to my comment… But I will try to remember what I typed.
    Your pattern looks difficult but you say that it is quick and easy!! I’d love to try it!! The colours s in your quilt are fresh and bright… Hopefully your students will be too!!! Here’s hoping that you have 24 students in your class!!

  10. I really like how your quilt turned out. Wonderful. Teachers are a gift. I’m guessing in today’s world you have about 30 students.

  11. wow this looks like a wonderful place to grow up and respect and learn to love the ocean and all around it. Your quilt is just lovely. The motion is wonderful. I am sure your sister will love it. It was made by YOU. Have fun going back to school.

  12. Your quilt is beautiful and I love the pattern you used. Thanks for sharing. I hope your school year is a wonderful 0ne..

  13. They Jennifer what a lovely step-by-step introduction to this project and the video of Sand Point would love to take the ferry out there. Crab cakes sound good especially if there were any crab! I’d guess you’ll have 13 students and a great year, wishing you safe travels, Laurie

  14. Cute quilt and glad I found your blog. My number will be way too high, I know. I used to hate fireweed because, when it was blooming all the way to the top, summer was ending and I would have to go back to work. Now that I am retired, I love fireweed! More time for sewing and growing tomatoes in the summer. Will this be your last year?

  15. I love your quilt! Looks like a great giveaway and I would love to win, but it looks like my comment will be #44 and I hope you don’t have 44 kids in your class — that sounds like it would be chaos!

  16. Ok, I know I won’t win as no teacher should have over 25 students in her class. Can you tell I work in a school? LOL Good luck to everyone.

  17. What a lovely quilt!! I think I am number 50 to comment – but I don’t think you will have that many in home room! I think about 30!

  18. My goodness I hope you don’t have 53 kids in your schoolroom, the quilt looks great your sister will like the bright colors for the cold winter to come.

  19. Oh lovely! I’m working on my first quilt with Island Batiks and I’m in love. I can’t wait for more. The pattern you picked shows off all the beautiful colors and prints!

  20. I’m number 55, so I hope I don’t win; I’d hate to think of you having that many students in homeroom! But thanks for the giveaway and good luck with the new school year.

  21. I have no idea what number I am but I sure hope you don’t have over 25. My mother one year had 50 second graders. It was a good thing she was experienced in rural schools with several grades in one room. kept her busy. I love your quilt and would like to try it.

  22. Wow, I think I’m number 69! Here’s hoping for your sake that you don’t have that mank kids in your class on the first day! As a former teacher, I’d faint! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)

  23. Loved Alaska and we did spend 4 days at a bear camp on Kodiak! Loved it. I think you’ll have 19 kids in your class but I’m afraid my comment is 70 and I pray you don’t have that many! Yikes! Thanks.

  24. Thanks for pictures….I’ve never been to Alaska and live south of you in Washington state. That fabric you used is so darn pretty….Thanks for the chance to win some new fabrics. I guess 15 in your class. Happy teaching

  25. What a nice pattern and fabric choices. I guess you will have 21 students in your class which is far fewer the the number of my comment.

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