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I have been lucky enough to participate in Suzy Webster’s Folk Art Quilted Traditions book launch this month. I am not an “appliquér” by any stretch of the imagination.  I have been working on challenging myself to increase skills in my “weaker” quilt areas–appliqué is among those areas I have been wanting to get better at.  When this opportunity presented it’s self I jumped at the chance.

I really loved Suzy’s Jeweled table runner.  I have been working with Stitch-N-Peel to help define the area I am working with.  It’s a cool product that is like a sticker but is VERY pliable and when it gets wet (the first time you wash) it dissolves.


The first thing I did was cut out the shape from a xeroxed page and stapled multiple sheets of Stitch-N-Peel in order to cut out the shape I needed.  After cutting all the layers, I made sure my fabric was also large enough to be covered by the flower shape and placed it on.

I then trimmed the fabric to about 1/8″ and used a glue pen and purple thang to roll the edge over so that I didn’t have raw edge to appliqué.  Next came sewing on each piece.

Some of the things I needed to do was go to a smaller needle size (60/8 Microtex), use a good quality silk thread, run my silk thread through my bobbin case hook, set my stitch length a tad wide and short,  and check my stitch.

You will notice as I started to work I swapped out my original colors (oranges and reds) for something a little more dramatic.

This was slow work for me and as I layered on the flowers I caught myself tacking down bits before I had placed new pieces… which lead to a little ripping out and fixing.  (Note in first picture how the center ring is sewn down and in the second picture I have put in the stems for the buds…)

I took my time around the outside flowery bits–making sure I dipped into each corner and around each curve.


Eventually, I got it all together and finished this sweet little top.


The detailed information in this book really helped ease my fear of doing an appliqué quilt!  This was very fun to make, and while I still need to quilt this project, it has whetted my appetite for my next project out of this great book!

This is what Suzy is giving away in her Rafflecopter.

The drawing will be open Monday-Saturday.  

Please enter!


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21 thoughts on “Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop

  1. I’ve never seen Stick ‘n Peel… interesting. I enjoy applique. Your runner is beautiful–can’t go wrong with batiks!!!

  2. Always love to learn a new technique and see a new product demonstrated. Thank you.
    Bright and colorful! Sure to make a happy table runner!

  3. Your tablerunner is beautiful! Love the bright colors! Thanks for sharing with us, super job! I love the cover of the book and would love to make my own.


  4. Great fabric colors. You introduced me to a new form of template and I have another use for the PurpleThang! I’m taking a hand applique workshop tomorrow…not my most favorite technique.

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