And we’re off…

I started this blog on May 13th. Needless to say, the trip is over… but it’s a good story!  I’ll post this today to whet your appetite and once the plane lands and I can upload more of the 750 pictures I took I’ll work on the post!  I couldn’t get a signal in Sand Point before we left so I’ll start with the post I started at the airstrip as we waited for the Super Cub pilots:

Today my sister, friend and I are going looking for glass fishing floats on the Western edge of the Alaska Peninsula.

A before picture… waiting for the plane.


Tina, Amy, Jennifer and Zoey

And where we are going:

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.27.22 PM

More pictures and info about our adventure…


A Camping Trip!

Well, it’s been a fun spring with a lot of travel. I work in Alaska and in Montana.  Every month since October I have been traveling back “home” to Kodiak to work on island flying out to local villages and providing itinerate special education services.  It was been fantastic!  Here are a few photos:

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I also quilted this winter!


This, however, is a different week/month and a new adventure awaits…  I’m going beach combing/camping with my sister and friend Tina on the very remote Alaskan Peninsula.  We are looking for Japanese glass floats over on the Westside.

These are our goal (photos are from others who have been over there):




I’ll post again when we get back and give you all the details and (hopefully) share photos of our finds!  We are crossing our fingers that we see no wolfs or bears!