So my Sew Sisters and I have decided to challenge each other to get some projects done. We are calling this the 10 in 12 Challenge… Basically, come up with 10 quilts to finish in 12 months.

We came up with this list of possibilities and must dos:

  • Traditional
  • mini
  • word/phrase quilt
  • modern
  • medallion
  • sampler
  • oldie time pattern or fabric
  • cathedral window
  • oldest UFO you have
  • kit (everyone has at least one
  • star quilt
  • famous designer (pattern or fabric or both)
  • holiday quilt
  • time killer quilt (80+ hours)
  • solids
  • scraps
  • monocomatic
  • gift quilt (could be for friend, comfort or Eldercare)
  • hexagon
  • clamshell


  • curves
  • Y seams
  • applique
  • paper piecing
  • hand stitching

Additional ideas:

  • Quilt out of Fabric Collection
  • non preferred fabric

Must dos:

  • Quilt for State or national show
  • self designed
  • improv
  • start to finish (the whole thing by self)

In preparation I ran through all my quilts/UFOs and here is my list:

  • Oldest UFO: NYB
  • Time killer quilt/State or national show/Paper Piecing: Grandmother’s Garden
  • Kit/Traditional pieced: Magical quilt
  • Start to finish: Illuminata, Calvera?
  • Star quilt: Feathered Star
  • Gift quilt: IKat Diamond
  • Scrap quilt/gift: Simons
  • Word/self-designed quilt/solid fabric: Poem quilt
  • Holiday quilt/UFO: tree quilt 

This is a must do: Modern quilt/improv quilt: ???? (it’s a surprise!)

Let’s see what happens!

So much time has passed!

Well, I retired, moved, bought a house, began a new life back in 2017. And then all kinds of fun, adventurous, busy things happened and one thing led to another and now…

I’m back in Kodiak!

I retired from retirement. :).  My quilting job slowly petered out (business models change!), I was consulting with KIBSD and decided to return to full time work, I sold my sweet house in Somers, I talked my sister into helping me move back to Alaska, and drove back up to Alaska, caught a ferry, and moved back into my old house!

I’m back to teaching quilting classes!  Now I teach them at the Kodiak Public Library because my favorite shop has closed but, things always work out like they should.  I am scheduled tp begin to teach for the Bear Paw Quilter’s Guild in December 2019 at the Bayside Firehall.  It will be a basic sewing/new to quilting class.