Scrapbuster Challenge!

March’s Island Batik Ambassador’s challenge this month was to make a scrap quilt. Well, I have to say, I HAVE SOME ISLAND BATIK SCRAPS! I also want to assure you I love making scrap quilts and making MORE scraps!

I had been thinking about how to introduce different techniques or patterns and have been really trying to focus on voices that are less prevalent. This quilt pattern reminded me of my favorite quilt from my grandmother–see, it’s this crazy POLYESTER quilt that has not lost one shade of color in it in all the years I have had it. I searched everywhere but realized I don’t even have a quick snap of it anywhere and it is all packed up. The Puff Quilt, pattern explained by Lo and Behold Stitchery was also inspired by a quilt her grandmother made for her. It’s a spot on, fantastic pattern and it’s FREE!

My completed top.

I started this by cutting up 323 four and a half inch blocks AND 323 scrap blocks at four inches.

Now the “scrap” top is made by making little pockets. The pocket gets sewn on to other pockets and sewn up while getting stuffed. I used Aurifil 50 wt thread in light gray (2600). Even if a bit shows up here or there it really doesn’t stand out being such a nice neutral which gets “hidden” in the colored fabrics. I also ALWAYS have Schmetz 70/10 Needles in my Bernina. They are my go to as they leave such a nice tiny hole in batiks (which have a tighter weave)–these needles just slide in and are so smooth.

The rows are also sewn together. It is a SUPER HEAVY quilt that is cuddly and, honestly we (my cats and I) used it on the bed before I actually put the batt and back on!

I started to kick it into gear this weekend and I set up the quilt sandwich and, with my cats totally getting in the way, pinned the quilt together.

Once pinned I tied it. Tying involves systematically hand stitching in a bit of thread or yarn and tying a knot to keep the top together. Now, the tying is a total nod to my grandma–she often tied her quilts.

Once it was all tied I followed Lo and Behold stitchery’s suggestion about trimming the batt and back, snipping out the batt, flipping the edge over and stitching it down. I had never done that before (another trick my grandma did!) and loved how easy it was.

I finished it all just last evening–too late to take a picture but slept sound under it finally complete! I dragged it outside to get a quick picture in the rain this afternoon! I love it!

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