It’s All Up to You April Challenge

WOW! It’s April already! Time for a new challenge. I am sure you have seen some of the other Island Batik Ambassador’s posts/blogs about what they have made for the It’s All Up to You Challenge. Let me tell you a story!

Years ago I lived part-time in the Lower 48. Montana to be exact. My mom had, years before, moved from Kansas back to Alaska and had left some of her personal possessions (including a table I made for her in High School). I knew I was moving completely back to Alaska and decided if that table was ever going to come home, I needed to drive down to Kansas to get it from my friend who was holding onto it for me. So, a 1500 mile trip. Well, never one to shrink from a road trip, I decided I wanted to sleep my first night on the road under the Dignity:of Earth and Sky statue located outside of Chamberlain, South Dakota. That was a fast 1000 mile drive. This statue is a beauty with her quilt flowing out behind her. I feel fortunate to have slept under her.

Inspired by the reverence that many Native Americans have for the Lone Star quilt I decided to sew one. The pattern I wanted to do is a quilt pattern by Sam Hunter Design Studio, Big Star Diamond. Now a thing I love about Sam Hunter is she is so pro-sewists! Her article “We Are Sew Worth It” as something I read years ago and it really brought home how important it is to educate those around you who don’t understand the cost of making a quilt. It has stuck with me. It also has reinforced, for me, how quilts are a labor of love.

The pattern is a traditionally pieced quilt. It’s a little different than a traditional Lone Star. Using 2 1/2″ strips there is more of a solid look to the star points. I used Aurifil 50 wt thread, appreciating a nice neutral gray. My Bernina is, as always, set up with Schmetz 70/10 Needle for all my piecing.

I decided to add in a black strip to set off the star (and so the tips didn’t disappear into the background. The background is one of Island Batik’s Foundation Neutrals called Buttermilk.

It turned out great–except my center! It was like a puffy little bra cup! OH, that won’t do… my scant 1/4″ was a little off. so I went to the center, performed a little “operation” by tearing it out and resewing it all.

Once she was all fixed up (and FLAT!) I added the boarders to this beauty.

Feeling much better about how flat she was now laying I pieced her backing and left her with my long arm friend, Martha. She used a pattern by Karlee Porter Design I had bought myself. I think Martha knocked it out of the park. The pattern is called Floral Garden.

I binded it using a scrappy binding left over from the 2 1/2″ strips pack it came from, Painted Blossoms, which was in my Island Batik Ambassador box back in January.

Stitching on the binding.

The weather cleared up a little today and I finally felt like I could get a good picture in the sunlight.

I love how it turned out!

6 thoughts on “It’s All Up to You April Challenge

  1. The bra cup comment had me completely in stitches!!! Love your quilt, and I loved to see the photos of Dignity. She is beautiful! Worth the 1,000 mile drive for sure.

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