Moving and more!

Hello! It’s been a while but I wanted to catch everybody up on how things were going in my quilting world!

I moved back to my hometown in June and I have been on the go ever since working on my yurt, teaching summer school, making things comfortable in my new home, and then starting my first year in a regular classroom after 20 some years of teaching special education.

Spring at the yurt! Getting her shirt on, planting potatoes, making it my home.

It hasn’t slowed down much yet mostly because there’s only so many hours in a day! For a while there it was a lot of getting my house in order getting, taking things out of totes, you know, the normal stuff of moving. Then school started!

A little interior shot.

I’m teaching a 6th grade class this year. I have never taught a regular class and was given the gift of these students by the district. It is such a fun class. Our big project is raising lettuce for the school to have at lunchtime!

I’ve also managed to quilt a few little things for my classroom but I have big plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

I continue to work on making a bathroom and setting up my yurt’s kitchen!

Stick around for some quilts now that I’m pulling out fabric out of my totes! 😂

My second shelf with fabric I haven’t seen in years!

1 thought on “Moving and more!

  1. Wow Jennifer, the yurt is really coming along! Finding fabric after not seeing it for a few years is like having a shopping spree. Your classroom looks enormous and a like a beautiful work space. It’s nice to see an update from you. Karla

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