Baby blankets!

This spring I was excited to hear one of my sweet nieces was expecting!  I was super excited to that she expected twins!  As an instructor at my LQS, Compass Rose Quilting, I was in the throws of teaching a beginning quilting class.  What luck!!  Using a quilt from the Colorful Quilts for Fabric Lovers by Amy Walsh I instructed my class how to cut out this great (fun!) quilt and cut one for myself as well.

IMG_3965I put together this…I just love how that crazy batik giraffe background fabric makes the boxes dance!:

IMG_3968I love the quilting in it!


I also was testing out a pattern for Mandalei (Amanda Leins).  Luckily I was able to use this fun bright baby sized top for one of the quilts.

IntersectionsMartha (from Compass Rose Quilting fame) sandwiched them together and made short (beautiful) work of them.

IMG_5989And into them the babies went!

babies in binkiesWelcome, sweet babies!

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