Bees! Bees!

October 22, 2013

OK, all Bee Blocks are done!  What a fun time.  I’d highly recommend Elizabeth Hartman’s Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics if you and friends want a fantastic book to “do a Bee”!

Here is our last block/Nicola’s quilt.

IMG_6272August 12, 2013

So it’s been a while and I thought I should update all…

Allison’s  IMG_5329

Peggy’s IMG_5298

Mine!  IMG_5994

Martha’s IMG_5295

Tina’s IMG_5553

Nicola has just recently started to get all her blocks rolling in.

This was SUCH fun!!

Feb 8, 2013

So I belong to the virtual Bee “Sunday Morning Quilts Bee.” The flickr site is: I LOVE it!  The blocks are simple and easy.  The participants are friendly and fun.

I got a little crazy and got a Bee going here in Kodiak with 5 friends.  We are using the book by Elizabeth Hartman Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics.  I started so here are a few blocks (mine, Tina’s and Martha’s):

IMG_4296More blocks from Allison and a couple more of mine.IMG_4320

Here are the blocks for Tina (both hers and the ones I did for her):IMG_4300 Here are blocks from Martha for Tina:

moretinablocksEveryone seems so excited and pleased that Allison has started her blocks as well (although her blocks aren’t even due until MAY!).  Here are Allison, Martha and my blocks for May!

allison bee02Peggy’s blocks!  I loved doing these ones but, I have to say, TIME CONSUMING!



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