Catch Me!

Well, I am just going to start out with this is all Sherry’s fault!  I mean I LOVE Jacqueline DeJonge’s designs but my tendencies lean towards The Colorful Quilt.  But, when Sherry said “Let’s do that one quilt in class–you know the Catch Me If You Can one.” I thought “Sure!  Why not?”

This is Sherry!

IMG_6582Why not, indeed.  With Sherry and several friends we waded in.  Some of us sticking to color recommendations and some stepping up our game and trying different ones.

The trick (for me and anyone who may want to try this quilt is ORGANIZATION).  I went through and made tons of “cut pages”.  These helped organize me and my students.  For each schedule I counted the number of each fabric we needed to cut and put them in a spread sheet with the size and section each belonged to.  Whew!  What a task!  Most of the pages were are very accurate–but saving most bigger scraps is essential (and saves A LOT of cutting and some fabric).  Once all my fabric was selected it went into labeled bags (#1-28). IMG_6019Then the cutting began!IMG_6018And then sewing:

IMG_6022IMG_6034 IMG_6033Once students finished a section, I gave them another page or two to do.

IMG_6258So, eventually we started getting bigger and bigger sections… IMG_6151IMG_6898IMG_7210and (then) I got crazy and started adding the black…IMG_7268Which only made me want to add MORE of my background…

IMG_7282It went together quickly once all the schedules were sewn. IMG_7327I am going to add a little color border to the extended black border.  IMG_7369Here is some progress from others in the class:


IMG_6807 IMG_6806Sherry

IMG_7113Sherry is making AMAZING progress!
IMG_7813IMG_7812IMG_7987IMG_7992Allison IMG_7084Sondra

IMG_6823 IMG_7248

Sondra’s been working too!!


IMG_7273These are the cut sheets I made/used.  They may be right on or a little off (especially if you are a scrap saver/user) but they are definitely close enough to help you get on track to making each part.  I make no guarantees on the accuracy except to say these are exactly the sheets I used to make my Catch Me If You Can.

A1 stars A2 mountains A3 geese B Geese B13 stars C20 C21 mountains C22 Checkerboard D26 D27 E29 E30 E31 E34 F32 F33

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