Composting in Alaska


Start with your compost binIMG_2453Gather materials:

Chicken manure!IMG_2430Seaweed.


IMG_2432Bone or Fishmeal.

IMG_2433Greens (NOT WEEDS… and only grass clippings if no weeds in it).  Kitchen scraps (fruits and veggies).

IMG_2435Oh! and COFFEE GROUNDS (ask at your favorite coffee shop–in Kodiak, they are super generous with giving away their grounds).

Start layering it up:


IMG_2446Sawdust and chicken manure.


GreensIMG_2441Fish meal (if you live close to bears know this will draw them!)IMG_2442Coffee grounds.

IMG_2443Dog hair is also great to throw in.

IMG_2437A thermometer to see where you are (it’s amazing how fast it shoots up!).IMG_2451The layers should look like this.IMG_2533Turn every 3-4 days and add more greens/seaweed/sawdust/coffee grounds, etc.  Your gardens will LOVE YOU.

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