Union Quilts


Again my Union came and asked for a quilt for a public building.  This time it was for the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center (KFRC) on Near Island.  Most school aged kids know it as the touchtank building.  Since the research that goes on is all about fisheries (from crabs to salmon to whales) I made a quilt to reflect that.

IMG_5091 IMG_5089 IMG_5092 IMG_5088




So, my Union commissioned a quilt for the children’s area in the public library.  The quit started as a little idea…

And grew…

Putting it together is/has been harder…

Developing a background has been a learning experience…

figuring out the geese…

And they’re in!


I’m getting excited!  Can’t wait to finish it!

Eventually with a little focus… I GOT IT DONE!!

IMG_2054 IMG_2789 IMG_2782 IMG_2783

Here’s Martha working away on it!IMG_2624 Details! IMG_2784 IMG_2785  YAHOO!  Here we are… IMG_2882

Miss Ellie with it at the library!IMG_3048

The dedication tag.IMG_3046On a rare sunny day in Kodiak:

in the library

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