New Project!

May 1, 2013



April 16, 2013

I’ve been working on some long overdue projects with the thought that I’d be able to dedicate the end of April to completing this top.  Well, other pressing responsibilities have come up.  Before leaving Kodiak I did manage to begin the center of this quilt… so far the capital words in this phrase “MORE than good enough and he gets better EVERY day” are done.IMG_4886But I have so many to go!IMG_4885My target completion date is now May 15, 2013.

OK I am excited to say I just won a very cool pattern! My ABCs I now must work on a quilt for a very cool kid.  It will be my own design–a quilt that notes all the words that describe him around the phrase “More than good enough and getting better every day.”

Getting prepared!  Here are bags of words to describe that sweet boy:

wordsNow I just need time to sew!

Here is the first block:

KindIt will be a busy week so I am going to try and squeeze out one more block tonight… Time to be BRAVE!

BraveOh, this is fun!  And, I have to say, THIS ABC PATTERN IS FANTASTIC!  It’s so easy and well constructed.  I am very impressed with it.  Kudos to Diane over at from blank pages.


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