Which Way Do I Go to Tie the Knot?

IMG_6472Here is one of my double wedding ring challenge quilts for the NY MOD quilt guild Challenge.

I’ve been contemplating my single ring entry since I found the contest online. When this challenge presented it’s self I was just getting back from a fantastic week long quilting retreat by Judy Niemeyer in Kalispell, MT.  I actually had been working on her Mariner’s Compass quilt and loved the rope that encircles the main compass area.  I spoke with a friend and the idea was born–combine the compass with the rope in the DWR!

IMG_6469Being from an island I love the Mariner’s Compass pattern!  To make this I used one of Judy’s regular paper pieced patterns and drew the “rope” angles on then sewed away… it took two attempts (color and angles!) to get it “right”! Once pieced it was a snap to put together using her Creative Grid templates.  I made that sweet little compass (from Judy’s Mariner’s Star pattern) and fussy cut using the template.

IMG_6249I had been inspired by quilting I saw in Kalispell and did this myself…  I was looking to get the dimension and depth that rope has.

IMG_6250 IMG_6248

From the bright (hopeful?) blue to the orange of the rope, the circular pattern–like the globe–I was hoping to give this single ring the look and feel of the ocean.  Of course, having never been married I really must ask, which way do I go to tie the knot?


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