Raffle Quilts

Winter 2014: To be raffled in December.  French Braid for Kodiak Kingfisher Swim Team.

IMG_9668Fall 2014: Catch Me… If You Can by Jacqueline de Jonge.  Started in October of 2013 for a 6 week class actually took until the end of January to complete the top and until the end of July to get quilted and bound.  It is a raffle quilt I donated to Hospice.  Peggy Nekeferoff quilted it on her long arm and it’s BEAUTIFUL.IMG_7478IMGP0112IMGP0111IMGP0113

Here is the 2013 Kingfisher Swim Club’s raffle quilt. The pattern is by Judy Niemeyer and is called Bali Fever.

IMG_5921This is the quilt I donated to Hospice of Kodiak.  It’s a pattern by Judy Neimeyer (it’s called Glacier Star). The raffle happened in Fall of 2013.


The quilt I made and donated to Hospice of Kodiak.  It’s a pattern by Deb Karasik. The raffle happened in February 2013.

phat02The quilt I made for the Kodiak Kingfishers swim team. It was raffled December of 2012. It’s a pattern by Judy Niemeyer.

IMG_0368The quilt I made for the raffle for a raffle for a student of mine who had a brain tumor.


Back in 2010 I won Best of Show for the guild I belong to (Kodiak Bear Paw Quilter’s Guild) with this quilt:

2010BOSwinnerDetails: timewasterIMG_0565  IMG_0566

So I was given the honor of making the 2012 raffle quilt.  I selected Forth of July by Judy Niemeyer.  I LOVE HER QUILTS/PATTERNS!

Here is my raffle quilt for Kodiak Bear Paw Quilter’s Guild:


IMG_1124It was won by a lucky woman from Juneau.  I can say with pride that this is the first quilt that has sold every one of the 600 tickets the guild printed.


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