Ripple Quilt

I’ve been blasting along and I stumbled onto an amazing color combo… I love when that happens! It’s like knocking one out of the park.

I ran across Carl Hentsch’s Ripple Pattern one morning and bought it immediately. It’s a compelling pattern–interesting and clever.

I had recently purchased fabric from my friend’s quilt shop, Big Foot Quilts, using a birthday gift certificate. I RARELY buy orange and was surprised to get this yardage… I checked my order–it was EXACTLY what I have bought. I decided it could be perfect for this project. I dug through my fabric, pulling anything I could think might work…

Once the fabric pull seemed to come together I started to cut and swapped a few out but it essentially ended up being what I needed. Then I just started to sew! I added my mistake–I got carried away sewing in my Y seams.

I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends and had received the jellyfish fabric from. It seemed to tie everything together.

My sister has asked for this quilt. I am happy to have her love it as much as me.

Calavera Quilt

I’m trying to blast out some of my #10in12challenge quilts and the Calavera quilt by Kelly Fox (@chicagofox) has been on my “to do” list since before she published her pattern!

This is a labor of love in a way. I had decided to give to my brother, as I made it, who likes to claim his Mexican heritage. He actually happens to be not Hispanic in any way except in his head.

Tragically his house, with his pets in it, actually was burned down in an act of arson this spring. 😢 It was a horrible, sad day.

Hopefully this will be something to help him feel less sad about this spring. I love this pattern so well I’ll do it again with my own design elements. Fun pattern!! ❤️


The beauty of iSEWlation due to CoVid19 is that I face my quilting UFOs, projects to start, patterns, and misc projects every day! 😂

One thing I’ve always wanted to do was to sew a jelly roll rug. I finally just dove in and made one…

End (and side) pieces from quilt backings, cut into 2 1/2” strips. Fun!

Or two…

For Mike (Tina’s husband) in his new remote house at the Kitoi Hatchery.

Or, finally, my Sisyphus Rug… I sew it and once I put it on the floor, my cats sharpen their nails on it! I have restitched it many times! 😂🤣

53” x 55” so far.

I’m trying to get it up to 72” roundish. Made from my scrap bags… I cut scraps to 2” x 2 1/2” for postage stamp quilts and this lends to it. I’m running into a space problem… my house is too small to sew this (it needs to be flattish!). I’m doing other projects for a while.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden

This quilt has been a goal of mine for about (at least) 15 years. I finally started it on New Year’s Day this year and now 3 + months later, it’s done. It’s my 5th quilt in the 10 quilts in 12 months challenge my friends and I are doing together, separately. This is my time killer quilt–80+ hours. This pattern is out of a magazine called Quilts with Style or, since it stopped publishing, you can get some of the patterns at eQuiltPatterns. I loved the magazine back in the day–it was originally the Foundation Piecer then Quilts with Style. I was sad when it stopped being published. I owned all of the issues at one point and then ended up giving them away and have missed them ever since!

It took a while to get the fabric together. Each of the backgrounds reflect the different flower’s colors. It’s a little difficult to tell in the pictures though.

I didn’t like the way the pattern’s edges were uneven and the flowers cut off so I expanded the quilt so not only is it square but also the flowers complete. I plan on one more 3″ boarder with my favorite green, spinach, all around it. It’s approximately 112″ x 126″ currently. Each of the equilateral triangle pieces are 7″ finished.

My sweet girl kitty loves this quilt. I’ve had to shoo her out of it, from under it, and off of it for the last week. I think it’s a winner (for her anyway!).

In the days of this terrible virus (and our government’s negligent response) I just want to remind everyone to PLEASE be safe. Wash your hands. Physically isolate. Love your friends and family. Be kind to yourself. LIVE.


So finishing this post is this is a VERY late… I completed this quilt top back on February 15th. It’s an awesome pattern that if you know how to strip piece you can actually set this up to go a lot faster. I had fun making it. It’s a little big–110″x 110″ I believe. Five borders!

This is one of my 10 quilts in 12 months quilt. It covers the Traditional piecing and kit quilt categories.

Middle of Magical. 5 borders to go!
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A New Slant on Christmas *Update*

My 3rd finish in the 10 quilts in 12 months challenge (#10in12challenge) is called A New Slant on Christmas and the pattern is by Tina Curran. I stumbled across this unique pattern last November or so and started right away sewing the background together. It’s a herringbone pattern which makes it a little bit of a challenge.

A close up of the herringbone weave.

It’s made of 9 different “panels” that you sew from top down.

Once panels are made you join them by sewing open ends together. It reminded me of weaving.

It is extraordinary when finished. Very smooth and polished looking.

Next quilt: my word quilt! And in my case, a poem stanza taken from an e.e. cummings poem.

244 letters to go!

Ikat Diamonds

My finish number two finish in the 10 in 12 challenge happens to be the Ikat Diamonds. The categories this quilt covers in the challenge are: Gift Quilt, UFO (not my oldest but greater than 5 years), scrap quilt (well, the sashing anyway), and maybe Modern (what’s your thoughts on this claim?).

The pattern Ikat Diamonds by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession. I got crazy last spring and bought the 60 degree Creative Grids ruler and cut two kits of my main fabric out and bagged it. I had the pattern and fabric for over 5 years and was determined that I wasn’t going to drive it all back up to Alaska (and continue to STORE it!) after having driven it down to Montana. I mean, I love BRIGHT but am not an oranges/red kind of woman… Basically, it is not generally my regular color palate… The more I worked on it, the more I LOVED this pattern.

I just want to go on record as saying, I CANNOT WAIT to do this again–in colors that maybe are a little more “me”! The 60 degrees Creative Grids ruler is a pretty great ruler as well. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

So, who’s the gift for you ask? Well, I have been toying with the idea that it would be the perfect “going to college/university” quilt and since I have like SIX to make, this could (and by “could” I mean “will”) end up in someone’s dorm!

Next quilt up is A New Slant on Christmas in the categories: Holiday quilt and UFO (not my oldest but >1 year). I also want to add the technique of joining the panels is pretty awesome. When it’s all together it will be a herringbone design. I’ve got 4 more panels to make.

A New Slant on Christmas by Tina Curran of Art Quilts by Tina Curran.

Simon’s Postage Stamp

Well, I am going to call this a complete top! After years of thinking, planning and more thinking! (As well as a TON of procrastination…) Simon’s Postage Stamp quilt is done! The process is a little repetitive but sort of fun and a little cathartic… digging through BAGS of fabric scraps from past quilts and trying not to duplicate same bit was actually VERY easy! :)

The areas/strategies/focus for this quilt from the Challenge list are: Scrap quilt and gift.

Step 1: Sew 2″x2 1/2″ squares together in a strip of 4.

Step 3: Trim your strips so that they are 2″ wide by 6 1/2″.

Step 4: flip half your strips opposite of the others, line up your corners and start sewing together.
Step 7+: Sew strips together into quilt. Breath a sigh of relief. Contact your longarmer and send it on to get done!

It reads a little red but it is his favorite color! As a matter of fact, I even bought RED cuddle for the back… so it will be SOFT and snuggly. The red fabric was obviously yardage (although a lot of the red blocks were also scraps from quilts too) but all colored bits are from past projects and, often, what could have been thrown away. I just cannot let little bits go to waste–especially when I know how fun they can be in these quilts.

Can’t wait to actually put this in the mail to him. I hope it keeps him warm for years to come.

Next post will be about Ikat Diamonds.


So my Sew Sisters and I have decided to challenge each other to get some projects done. We are calling this the 10 in 12 Challenge… Basically, come up with 10 quilts to finish in 12 months.

We came up with this list of possibilities and must dos:

  • Traditional
  • mini
  • word/phrase quilt
  • modern
  • medallion
  • sampler
  • oldie time pattern or fabric
  • cathedral window
  • oldest UFO you have
  • kit (everyone has at least one
  • star quilt
  • famous designer (pattern or fabric or both)
  • holiday quilt
  • time killer quilt (80+ hours)
  • solids
  • scraps
  • monocomatic
  • gift quilt (could be for friend, comfort or Eldercare)
  • hexagon
  • clamshell


  • curves
  • Y seams
  • applique
  • paper piecing
  • hand stitching

Additional ideas:

  • Quilt out of Fabric Collection
  • non preferred fabric

Must dos:

  • Quilt for State or national show
  • self designed
  • improv
  • start to finish (the whole thing by self)

In preparation I ran through all my quilts/UFOs and here is my list:

  • Oldest UFO: NYB
  • Time killer quilt/State or national show/Paper Piecing: Grandmother’s Garden
  • Kit/Traditional pieced: Magical quilt
  • Start to finish: Illuminata, Calvera?
  • Star quilt: Feathered Star
  • Gift quilt: IKat Diamond
  • Scrap quilt/gift: Simons
  • Word/self-designed quilt/solid fabric: Poem quilt
  • Holiday quilt/UFO: tree quilt 

This is a must do: Modern quilt/improv quilt: ???? (it’s a surprise!)

Let’s see what happens!

So much time has passed!

Well, I retired, moved, bought a house, began a new life back in 2017. And then all kinds of fun, adventurous, busy things happened and one thing led to another and now…

I’m back in Kodiak!

I retired from retirement. :).  My quilting job slowly petered out (business models change!), I was consulting with KIBSD and decided to return to full time work, I sold my sweet house in Somers, I talked my sister into helping me move back to Alaska, and drove back up to Alaska, caught a ferry, and moved back into my old house!

I’m back to teaching quilting classes!  Now I teach them at the Kodiak Public Library because my favorite shop has closed but, things always work out like they should.  I am scheduled tp begin to teach for the Bear Paw Quilter’s Guild in December 2019 at the Bayside Firehall.  It will be a basic sewing/new to quilting class.