Updated: travel and quilty errands

I started down to Montana on May 27th about 8 hours after I closed up my Middle School classroom for the year. There’s no moss growing on this rolling stone!

The m/v Tustumena is an older ferry (at least about as old as me!) that had just returned to service after a little fix-up. I live on a little hill with a narrow drive so it was easy to repack the car at the dock. After a quick 9 hour ride I jumped off in Homer and raced up to Anchorage and then to my niece in Wasilla. 

I spent the night with her and her babies. Sweet kids! I also dropped off the pillows to the twins. 

One night then up to Fairbanks with a quilty errand… To deliver to Jack his Rocky Mountain Bear Claw quilt. 

Success! My heart swells when I give away one of the quilts I’ve made. This was especially wonderful because he really loved it. 

Then on to Fairbanks and the last quilt drop in Alaska for the moment… A Southern Belles pillow and Ice Crystals quilt for Molly. 

I love how excited she is!
On the 31st my sister showed up and we drove nearly to Whitehorse. A quick delivery of 10 quilts for Fort McMurray victims was in order before heading down the road. A quick note: the Kodiak Bear Paw Quilt Guild donated 6, Martha Branson donated 1 completed/1 to be quilted/1 extra backing, Tina Fairbanks donated 1, Lindsey Cassidy donated 1 and I donated 1 as well. What an awesome handoff!

A Bear Claw for Jack

Well after 20 short years it’s time!  About 25 (?) years ago I met this great guy who became a fast friend. Jack is the kind of person who knows everyone. A super kind man who would (really) give you the shirt off his back. He has always been a true and sure friend. When I came to Kodiak to work as a teacher, he was my special education boss. Well, I made him a quilt. One of my first actually. It was a pattern I made up. A bear paw quilt. It’s a green bear paw. Yes, about 224 blocks of the same green grass fabric made into bear paws… Pretty hard to see the pattern except the gold paws meandering through. Did I mention it was one of my first quilts?! Jack asked for a “heavy” quilt. I wasn’t able to do it. In the end, I even tied it.

Now it’s time to replace that quilt. In 20 years, I’ve figured out a little more about contrast. I’ve also found and amazing friend who also is my quilter. Last summer the pattern I needed to make showed up. It’s called the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw. It’s by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer.

On the wall at Compass Rose Quilting.

It started small (68×80) but has ended up closer to 100×80. I sure love it. I couldn’t stop making this great paper pieced quilt!  I immediately gave this quilt to Martha to quilt and this is what I saw today when I stopped by:

When I catch the ferry out on May 27th it will come with me. I’ll drop it in his cabin in Talketna on the way to Fairbanks before leaving the State for the summer. I can’t wait until he finds it!

Good news! and Summer plans

Hello! It has been a long while… about a year!  How time speeds up (and runs over me)!

Well, summer is nearly here and time for my annual pilgrimage to my happy place–Kalispell, Montana!  My sister and I will be driving down together at the end of May. I am excited about this already.  This summer I will be working for Judy Niemeyer again in a couple different capacities… piecing/quilting for her in her studio AND teaching classes with her during retreats.  I am over the moon with my plans for the summer!


My happy place!

I also am excited to note that I recently became an Island Batik Ambassador.  This is a fun opportunity to make projects on a monthly basis and post about the beautiful batiks that they produce.  I AM SO FIRE UP!  It’s a fun opportunity for me to share quilty projects.  :)


Well, since it’s been a bit of time, I’m just going to post some quilts I have made this past year.


Desert Sky


Prismatic Star


Baby quilt for Sherry’s new grandson.


Stormy Seas table runner (turned into wrap for sister)


Joseph’s Coat for Anne


postage stamp for Mr. Vall’s new son


2 baby quilts for friends new sons.


Cory’s Snow Days quilt


Shivana Place for Terri’s retirement


My Prismatic Star!


More baby blankets for a couple more boys!


Postage Stamp for Judy!


Hexi pillow for Candice


Cindi’s quilt sample!


Cindi’s quilt sample II!


Alice’s quilt


Little Hedgehog for Kim and Kate’s new baby girl.


Glacier Star for ME!


My Paradise in Bloom!


Jack’s Rocky Mountain Bear Claw


Pillows for Jack!


Molly’s Southern Belle’s pillow


Postage Stamp Quilt of Valor.


Lakeshore Sunrise in progress


Misty Mountain Pond


Mariner’s Compass


Summer Solstice


Harvest Moon


Fractured Paintbox

IMG_1380 (1)

Cactus Flower Tablerunners

IMG_1278 IMG_1376 IMG_1388 IMG_1426 IMG_1558 IMG_1621

Circle of Life and Blog Festival

It’s spring and time for Amy’s Creative Side to have the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  I am pleased to again enter one of my quilts. :)


Cindy, a dear friend and co-worker, is retiring this year.  I started the year knowing it was coming… I wanted to make a special quilt for a special person.  I chose Circle of Life by Jacqueline deJonge.


I started in October…

By April I had finally got it together!


Putting on the boarders.


A test drive on my bed!


Up close pictures of Peggy’s quilting magic!

 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041

The unveiling by Cindy!

IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1128

Success!  Happy retirement!

Back to Amy’s Creative Side.

Springbreak 2015 Quilt Retreat

My spring breaks are usually full of quilting.  Nonstop.  Chalkerbox full.  Thankfully this spring break was no exception!  My plan was to have a Paradise in Blooms class–introducing Judy Niemeyer’s newest quilt (and applique methods) to students in Kodiak.  What a success! One student opted to do the Fire Island Hosta queen and everyone fell in love with her color choices. Check out my student’s work…

IMG_0827  IMG_0826  IMG_0825  IMG_0859 IMG_0846 IMG_0845IMG_0915 IMG_0907IMG_0906IMG_0909

This was a week of sewing, laughing, eating (healthy) food, and (more) sewing…

So Many Projects…

I have been super busy lately! I just go from one project to another–multitasking my quilting projects.

One new obsession I have now is called Days for Girls.  It’s this fantastic organization that makes feminine hygiene kits for women in 3rd world situations where they have nothing.  A fellow quilter, Ardell Kerr who owns Quilting from the Heart, had advertized a day at her quilt shop to make these kits.  I read about this and immediately contacted her, emailed my guild, bought the correct fabric and snaps on Amazon and am lining up an All Day Sew in February.  I also have been working on making samples to show the other volunteers.


Another project I am working on is a few Bionic Gear Bags.  I made a few for my regular sewing girls and now I am working on making a few to sell.  I LOVE THESE BAGS!

IMG_0569 IMG_0568

My Glacier Star class is cruising along–this week we will begin bag 3/3rd technique.  I better get busy with the 2nd technique!  I like to make the quilt I am teaching with my class and this is a very fun quilt to make!  I had made another of these about 3 years ago but ended up giving it to Hospice of Kodiak for their raffle so I needed a new one to round out my collection of Judy Niemeyer sample quilts!

IMG_0575Additionally, I am working (slow and steadily) on the Circle of Life quilt as a retirement gift for a dear friend.  I wanted something BRIGHT and lovely.  The background is called “spinach” and it’s a Hoffman.  BEAUTIFUL green!

IMG_0571Katja’s Quilt Shoppe is hosting The New Hexagon Milleflori Quilt Along.  I was happy as a clam when I gave away my Milleflori quilt/pieces/templates/blocks at Christmas and all it took was one look at her quilt pattern and I started afresh! Will the madness ever end?!  (I hope not!)


This pattern caught my eye over the holidays and I wasn’t able to stop myself on it either!  This is Joseph’s Coat.  The pattern was used in Kona’s 30 Days of Kona celebration–and it’s free!  It’s also quite addictive.  I think I am making this for a dear friend who lives in Fairbanks!


OK, just to add a little mania to my ever so busy week–I’m teaching a few bag classes this coming month.  I appreciate the Pink Sand Beach patterns.  SO EASY!  I’d recommend starting with Fiji bag–it’s a simple intro.  I’m trying to get caught up on my samples as as soon as I make them they fly out the door! (so many “as” in one sentence!).


Well, that’s all I can think that I am working on now.  Stay warm, wish for snow in Alaska and sew on!