Simon’s Postage Stamp

Well, I am going to call this a complete top! After years of thinking, planning and more thinking! (As well as a TON of procrastination…) Simon’s Postage Stamp quilt is done! The process is a little repetitive but sort of fun and a little cathartic… digging through BAGS of fabric scraps from past quilts and trying not to duplicate same bit was actually VERY easy! :)

The areas/strategies/focus for this quilt from the Challenge list are: Scrap quilt and gift.

Step 1: Sew 2″x2 1/2″ squares together in a strip of 4.

Step 3: Trim your strips so that they are 2″ wide by 6 1/2″.

Step 4: flip half your strips opposite of the others, line up your corners and start sewing together.
Step 7+: Sew strips together into quilt. Breath a sigh of relief. Contact your longarmer and send it on to get done!

It reads a little red but it is his favorite color! As a matter of fact, I even bought RED cuddle for the back… so it will be SOFT and snuggly. The red fabric was obviously yardage (although a lot of the red blocks were also scraps from quilts too) but all colored bits are from past projects and, often, what could have been thrown away. I just cannot let little bits go to waste–especially when I know how fun they can be in these quilts.

Can’t wait to actually put this in the mail to him. I hope it keeps him warm for years to come.

Next post will be about Ikat Diamonds.


So my Sew Sisters and I have decided to challenge each other to get some projects done. We are calling this the 10 in 12 Challenge… Basically, come up with 10 quilts to finish in 12 months.

We came up with this list of possibilities and must dos:

  • Traditional
  • mini
  • word/phrase quilt
  • modern
  • medallion
  • sampler
  • oldie time pattern or fabric
  • cathedral window
  • oldest UFO you have
  • kit (everyone has at least one
  • star quilt
  • famous designer (pattern or fabric or both)
  • holiday quilt
  • time killer quilt (80+ hours)
  • solids
  • scraps
  • monocomatic
  • gift quilt (could be for friend, comfort or Eldercare)
  • hexagon
  • clamshell


  • curves
  • Y seams
  • applique
  • paper piecing
  • hand stitching

Additional ideas:

  • Quilt out of Fabric Collection
  • non preferred fabric

Must dos:

  • Quilt for State or national show
  • self designed
  • improve
  • start to finish (the whole thing by self)

In preparation I ran through all my quilts/UFOs and here is my list:

  • Oldest UFO: NYB
  • Time killer quilt/State or national show/Paper Piecing: Grandmother’s Garden
  • Kit/Traditional pieced: Magical quilt
  • Start to finish: Illuminata, Calvera?
  • Star quilt: Feathered Star
  • Gift quilt: IKat Diamond
  • Scrap quilt/gift: Simons
  • Word/self-designed quilt/solid fabric: Poem quilt
  • Holiday quilt/UFO: tree quilt 

This is a must do: Modern quilt/improve quilt: ???? (it’s a surprise!)

Let’s see what happens!

So much time has passed!

Well, I retired, moved, bought a house, began a new life back in 2017. And then all kinds of fun, adventurous, busy things happened and one thing led to another and now…

I’m back in Kodiak!

I retired from retirement. :).  My quilting job slowly petered out (business models change!), I was consulting with KIBSD and decided to return to full time work, I sold my sweet house in Somers, I talked my sister into helping me move back to Alaska, and drove back up to Alaska, caught a ferry, and moved back into my old house!

I’m back to teaching quilting classes!  Now I teach them at the Kodiak Public Library because my favorite shop has closed but, things always work out like they should.  I am scheduled tp begin to teach for the Bear Paw Quilter’s Guild in December 2019 at the Bayside Firehall.  It will be a basic sewing/new to quilting class.

And we’re off…

I started this blog on May 13th. Needless to say, the trip is over… but it’s a good story!  I’ll post this today to whet your appetite and once the plane lands and I can upload more of the 750 pictures I took I’ll work on the post!  I couldn’t get a signal in Sand Point before we left so I’ll start with the post I started at the airstrip as we waited for the Super Cub pilots:

Today my sister, friend and I are going looking for glass fishing floats on the Western edge of the Alaska Peninsula.

A before picture… waiting for the plane.


And where we are going:

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.27.22 PM

More pictures and info about our adventure…

A Camping Trip!

Well, it’s been a fun spring with a lot of travel. I work in Alaska and in Montana.  Every month since October I have been traveling back “home” to Kodiak to work on island flying out to local villages and providing itinerate special education services.  It was been fantastic!  Here are a few photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I also quilted this winter!


This, however, is a different week/month and a new adventure awaits…  I’m going beach combing/camping with my sister and friend Tina on the very remote Alaskan Peninsula.  We are looking for Japanese glass floats over on the Westside.

These are our goal (photos are from others who have been over there):




I’ll post again when we get back and give you all the details and (hopefully) share photos of our finds!  We are crossing our fingers that we see no wolfs or bears!

New Beginnings Blog Hop

New Beginnings Blog Hop.jpg

This month’s blog hop is all about  New Beginnings.  The Island Batik fabric collection I am featuring is River’s Edge.  They can be found on the Island Batik website here.

I used the Sunburst pattern that Cindi McCracken designed. I just love this pattern! It’s so very easy to use, plus it’s paper pieced.

My “new beginning” strategy with the Island Batik River’s Edge collection had to do with making a quilt that an Elder would like. One of my favorite charities to donate to is the Chiniak Bay Elder House in Kodiak. This great live in care facility is a special place for many families–people who live there, people who work there, and those of us with lost family members. One thing my guild, the Kodiak Bear Paws Quilter’s Guild, does is donate a quilt to each new resident who moves in. I have made three for female residents. This project allowed me to make a quilt for a one of the men. It’s loaded with fabric that has big mouth bass on it! :)

I started cutting it out last Thursday evening and had all the segments done by Sunday evening. Once a pieced all the segments, I trimmed them up and started to put the blocks together Monday evening.

I quickly got the blocks together!

Thirteen blocks on point make this a fast dramatic quilt!

I woke up Tuesday morning early and  I added the black triangles in the corners.

While I haven’t quilted it quite yet im pretty pleased with this project. I’m waiting to find out if I should make it a twin sized bed quilt or leave it throw size.

Island Batik has a fantastic little giveaway here.

I also have a sweet little giveaway… I will select one random winner who comments below (please make sure I can find your email address) for these two patterns by Cindi McCracken and a couple handfuls of beach glass I recently found on one of Kodiak’s beaches.

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Tis the Season for Giving!

Tis' the Season for Giving.jpg

December is here once again and time for a fun project for one of my favorite charities!  Up until last year my mom lived at the Chiniak Bay Elder House.  This is a BEAUTIFUL facility that is run by Providence Alaska.  It is a 22 bed long term care facility that serves 19 people currently.  It’s very new, just having opened back in February of 2013.

I really loved how residents have their own rooms, large common rooms and a dinning room to all eat together.  The draw back of moving from the old facility, where everyone was together, to the new facility is that 1/2 the residents live on one side, 1/2 on the other.  This doubles the amount of things needed.

Three years ago I decided that the plastic tree skirts were not good enough for the Elders.  Along with my friend Martha (who does all my fun quilting),  I made a tree skirt for my mom’s side, Fireweed, and one for the Salmonberry side as well.

IMG_0317.jpg  FireweedIMG_0299.jpgSalmonberry

This year with the great fabric I got from Island Batik I thought I’d add to the houses with a table runner for each side!  With this brilliant fabric I made each side a distinct runner that they could use for years to come.  Martha agreed to quilt them but is currently a little backed up on her quilting, so they will be ready for New Year’s dinner!  One for each side.

It is my hope that they will have a very happy Christmas and a great New Year!