Golden Wedding Ring

Well, the day has come.  Here is my final entry into the NYC Mod Quilt Guild’s DWR Challenge.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I enjoyed making my single ring entry, Which Way Do I go to Tie the Knot? I LOVED making my Modern entry, I Promise You… the Moon, the Stars, the Sun.  Today, I am posting the final in my DWR entries… a Golden Wedding Ring runner.

I have REALLY enjoyed this Challenge.  I have begged friends and colleagues to join, hosted a support group (as in “Hi, my name is Jennifer and I love the DWR!”), stalked the NYC Mod Quilt Guild’s website to see the new entries and used techniques, templates, and patterns I have never tried before.

Here are a few small photos of my final entry (my work in progress).  I used the Golden Wedding Ring templates I got at Nancy’s Notions.  They are the Darlene Zimmerman EZ Quilting templates.  I did modify them slightly (the arc part) so I could paper piece them.  Overall, though I think it worked out well.IMG_6659

Here is one of my musings as I tried a different was to connect 4 rings: IMG_6666 I went with a table or bed runner layout (depending on what the couple I am giving it to want to do with it):IMG_6674I was inspired by a photo I saw of the Golden Wedding Ring quilt online.  It was advertized on eBay as being circa 1940.  What could be more traditional than a roughly 70+ year old pattern?GWRSo, to round out my trifecta of DWR here is my final entry:IMG_6849In my neighbor’s dining room.  I couldn’t do this at my house as my sewing machine LIVES on my table…

IMG_6838 My attempt at an “arty” photo! :)IMG_6847

Thank you for coming and taking a peek.  What a fun experience this has been.  I hope they do this again…  I am crossing my fingers for a NY Beauty challenge next year!!

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