Tis the Season for Giving!

Tis' the Season for Giving.jpg

December is here once again and time for a fun project for one of my favorite charities!  Up until last year my mom lived at the Chiniak Bay Elder House.  This is a BEAUTIFUL facility that is run by Providence Alaska.  It is a 22 bed long term care facility that serves 19 people currently.  It’s very new, just having opened back in February of 2013.

I really loved how residents have their own rooms, large common rooms and a dinning room to all eat together.  The draw back of moving from the old facility, where everyone was together, to the new facility is that 1/2 the residents live on one side, 1/2 on the other.  This doubles the amount of things needed.

Three years ago I decided that the plastic tree skirts were not good enough for the Elders.  Along with my friend Martha (who does all my fun quilting),  I made a tree skirt for my mom’s side, Fireweed, and one for the Salmonberry side as well.

IMG_0317.jpg  FireweedIMG_0299.jpgSalmonberry

This year with the great fabric I got from Island Batik I thought I’d add to the houses with a table runner for each side!  With this brilliant fabric I made each side a distinct runner that they could use for years to come.  Martha agreed to quilt them but is currently a little backed up on her quilting, so they will be ready for New Year’s dinner!  One for each side.

It is my hope that they will have a very happy Christmas and a great New Year!


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